Privacy Policy For The iSeeNotes Mobile App, 2017-02-19

iSeeNotes is an app developed by Gear Up AB, which you can use to take photos of music notes and interpret the music. This privacy policy describes how the iSeeNotes mobile app handles information.

How iSeeNotes Collects Information

When you use the app to take a photo and process it, you have the option to save the photo together with the recognized music. If you choose to save the photo, the photo and recognized music is saved on your device.

You also have the option to export a MIDI file of the recognized music on your device.

Note that the save/load functionality is not present in the free version of the app for iPad and iPhone.

How iSeeNotes Uses Information

The user may choose to load a previously saved photo and recognized music through the app and play the music.

Your Choices And Access To The Information

You may choose to copy the data from your device or remove it, using the device operating system and tools.

Note that if you copy the data from your device or enable a cloud backup feature of the device operating system or through another app, the data may be copied elsewhere.


If the privacy policy is changed, the new version will be present at .


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